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“C” significa “REVELACIÓN” en español

“T” means “REVELATION” in English

“Revelación” Cuando lo oculto se hace visible

“Revelation” When the hidden becomes visible


1-Main Idea of “REVELACTION”:

“REVELACTION” means: The Beginning of the End of a Closing of a Life Cycle for IRENNE CHC. The Birth of a New “IRENNE CHC” as well as, The Beginning of the End of a Closing of an Existential Cycle of Humanity as we have known it until now. The Birth of a New Humanity, and of a New Vision of the Human Being. The End of the Christian Era and the Beginning of the Aquarius Era – TransHumanist Era – PostHumanist Era – Age of Revelations.

2-Concept: Spiritual Awakening and Awakening of Consciousness.

It’s a Declaration of The Decision to be your True-Self, no matter what society says or your mind or your fears make you think. It’s a Statement to be 100% Yourself no matter what.

3-Mood: Blue-Sadness, Injustice, Disappoinment, Rage, Pain, Anger and Non-Conformity.

4-Story: The song is a dialogue-struggle of IRENNE CHC with herself. She battles between her Soul (Her Destiny) and her Mind (Her Fears), her SOUL finally WON.

“IRENNE CHC” sacrificed her old-self to expand her consciousness, grow as a person and follow her True Purpose in Life which is to transmit her message through her Voice and her Music.

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